Morgane Richardson, founder of Refuse the Silence, has won a 75% scholarship at the United Nations University for Peace to complete a M.A. in Peace and Reconciliation.

    But, this will only happen if we raise the additional $9,000 needed for the remaining expenses.

    That's why I'm offering REWARDS FOR DONATIONS to help this young woman renowned for her social activism and community service.

    The value of the reward always exceeds the amount of your donation. But, the real value is ‘paying forward’ for the social activism that Morgane will continue to extend to our global community longing for harmony and peace.

Dare to Dream

Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true. Question: What is the dream that you dared to dream that really did come true?  Who helped make it come true for you? When I think about this, two people come to mind (other than my … Continue reading

Refuse the Silence; Reward the Peace

Recent events here in local school districts have sadly made me aware that in our own community their lingers an undercurrent of totally unacceptable behavior that must be curbed.  How can we silently continue to overlook these issues?  What can we do to re-educate our society and stop this shameful acts? One person who refuses … Continue reading

  • It takes a village
    to raise our children;
    It takes a community
    to raise our consciousness.